Noodz at the Catalyst


noodzBay Area Native, Micah Minay, aka Baby Noodz/Dj Noodles, is a Dj that knows what the crowd wants and when to deliver. On a chilly Saturday night in the breezy city of Santa Cruz, Noodles delivered a energized show and had people dancing from beginning to end. Throughout her set she managed to create a perfect balance between some R&B to get real smooth to, and some modern rap to get all hyped up. By the end of the night everyone, including Noodles, had a faint sweat line on their shirts. Micah has been turning tables since 2008 and has been improving on her skills all while gaining a larger fanbase. The Atrium, which is The Catalyst’s smaller venue on the side, was loud and eccentric. It’s rare to see the Atrium full of people, but when it is, you know it’s going to be a great show. There were several moments during the set where Noodles stopped the music to share some thoughts and feelings of the night. She expressed the love she had for the Bay Area and was thankful for all the support. We got to meet a lot of members of her family who were getting just as crazy with the rest of us. Baby Noodz is on her way to the top and not stopping anytime soon, all while representing the best part of California, the Bay.