~Coachella Predictions~

psychic-72085_1280No matter the time of the year, Coachella can be mentioned as the center of conversation amongst most Californians. As we get closer to that time of year again, it’s time for some predictions on who will be on the next lineup. These are some of my predictions:

1. Kali Uchis: With her Colombian roots and unique style, Karly Loaiza is a singer-songwriter, producer, and music video director. She has a unique, old-school vibe that is consistent with her aesthetics.

2. Frank Ocean: After a long haitus, Frank Ocean came back with a powerful album. After this long break from Ocean, he should be a definite consideration for Coachella, but it is up to him  decide if he’ll attend or not.

3. Solange Knowles: Shortly after releasing her third, most powerful and artistic album, Solange Knowles is shining brighter than ever. Her beautifully crafted album is a symbol of  the beauty and struggles it is to be a black woman. It would behoove the makers of Coachella to get this powerful and inspirational woman to perform at next year’s festival.

4. Bruno Mars: Although he is still in the process of releasing his new album, with artists like Bruno Mars, it almost a guarantee it’s going to be something good. Mars has one of the strongest fan bases I know and can get any person to dance along to his funky beats. That is why I believe Bruno Mars will be on the lineup next year.

5. Mac Demarco: One of the most unique and interesting artists in the game, Mac Demarco had the power of taking you back in time with his reminiscing beats and lyrics. Adding Demarco to next year’s lineup would be the perfect sprinkle of weird, sad, yet joyful vibes.