Dreamstate SF

(c) http://bit.ly/2hh6LOk

Ever since Dreamstate became a reality in 2015, trance lovers finally have an even they can truly call their own. If you may not know, Trance is a type of electronic genre that consists of soothing and dream-like beats, with an energy like no other. Trance lovers get lost with these beats and experience a euphoria like nothing else. Although everyone is welcomed to attend an event like Dreamstate, it is recommended to make sure to take a listen to trance at least once before attending. This event brings Californians from throughout the entire state, as well as trance-lovers from neighboring states also. What better place to enjoy this type of music than in the beautiful Bill Graham Auditorium on May 27 and 28. If you’d like to join the trance-lovers of California for weekend like no other, then make sure you grab tickets before it is too late.