Tour Highlight: Kaytranada


Hailing from the Canadian City of Montreal, Kaytranada has been dancing his way to the top of the charts with his funky and irresistible beats. With his 99.9% album being at the top of multiple charts and winning the 2016 Polaris Music Prize, Kaytranada is a machine that does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. With his eloquent style of combining funky beats and soulful hiphop and r&b, Kaytranada has what it takes to keep a crowd feeling groovy all night long. Along with his artistic approach to his shows, he never fails to make sure his fans get what they pay for. Kaytranada will be stopping by in multiple Californian cities later this month including:

12/28 – The Observatory, Santa Ana

12/29 – The Observatory North, San Diego

12/30 – The Novo Theatre, Los Angeles

12/31 – 1015 Folsom, San Francisco

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