Safety Reminder

heart-1882827_1920As we get closer to the end of 2016, we tend to reflect on all of the wonderful memories we made this year with our special loved ones. Unfortunately that is not the case for some families this year. From the multiple deaths that occurred at Hard Summer Music Festival to the horrifying 36 deaths in the recent Oakland fire, the families of these victims have to face the sad reality that the memories made with their loved ones this year are the last ones ever. This is why is it necessary to stress the importance of safety at any sort of music event. Below I will list some important measures we all must take as a community to prevent from tragedies like the ones from this year from happening again.

  1. Always know your limits and never fall into peer pressure.
  2. Keep yourself hydrated at all times and take as many breaks as needed.
  3. Never lose sight of your friends.
  4. Always keep an eye out for other concert-goers and read signs for help
  5. Be aware of your surroundings and emergency exits.

If we, as a music-loving community, are to follow these 5 simple guidelines, we can get a step closer to preventing horrible tragedies from occurring again.

Remember, always stay safe, and always be groovy.