indesgin-jpegAdobe Indesign was the second program we learned and it proved to be the most difficult, yet rewarding and beneficial. For this assignment, we had to create a three column brochure in relation to our topics. I decided to create a “Festival Guide For A Groovy-Ass Time.” I took pictures from both my camera roll and from free images to create a very relaxed and light-hearted festival guide. For the inside of the brochure, I took one of my original drawings, the sun, and arranged the information around that. For the back, I took my picture of Hard Summer and faded the rest of the background into the pink sky. I included clouds with some last minute tips as well. It was really interesting to learn how to create shapes, hyperlinks, and manage the application. I definitely learned some key skills I plan to continue to use.Indesgin JPEG2.jpg