Safety should be an upmost priority for artists, event organizations, and fans. These environments should be free from all judgement where people gather to dance, laugh, get loose, and lose their sh*t. Although there are medical staff and tents at every concert and festival, we must make it our mission to not need these types of services. We must take care of our minds, bodies, and souls. Besides, this is the only way we can guarantee ourselves to have a great time. 

As a friend and a fan we must make it our own responsibility to:

1. know our own limits
2. never lose sight of our friends:
3. never peer pressure each other
4. never let our friends wander off
5. never take drugs from strangers,
5. Never. Take. Drugs. From. Strangers.
If you follow these rules, you and your crew are guaranteed a safe, groovy-ass time.