If you don’t feel ready to tackle on a weekend long festival, then concerts are the perfect way to get a start. Or, if you simply don’t have the energy and time it takes to attend a festival, then concerts are another way to get your share of dancing in. With most concerts in California ranging from $10 to $60, they can serve as the perfect excuse for a weekend getaway. Since most concerts are one night events, the amount of energy experienced during the concert will always be at its peak. Since you don’t need to save any energy for the following day, most people tend to leave it all out on the dance floor until they can’t no more. A lot of the times even artists share these feelings as well. If a Dj is headlining a show for hundreds of people that came out just to see them, then you can be sure as hell that they are going to put on a show like no other. There just seems to be a more personal experience between the artist and audience at smaller concerts than there is at large music festivals. There are so many great things about attending one night only concerts that sometimes get overlooked by these huge, popular festivals. Coming from a true concert-junkie, never underestimate the type of experience a $10 concert can provide for you.